Those aren't speakers on his fists...
Vital statistics
Title None
Generation 3
Bot Type Blitz Cannon
Status Working

NAME: Abel


BOT TYPE: Blitz Cannon



In keeping with the theme of this Division, Abel serves as an idealized Blitz Cannon. Fast and Brutal are the names of his fists, and he will introduce you to them quite often and enthusiastically.

Real Steel Game

Midas was once a famous mech, but he and his controller got to be too brutal for the WRB. Abel, in comparison, has a much tighter leash. Ranked just below Zeus, this mech can defeat you very quickly. Also similar to Midas, he doesn't like to block, so do what you can to keep your punch speed roughly equal to his.


A high tech version of Midas, though the mohawk is smaller. He is blazing red, with yellow highlights, and black leopard designs. With fists like Blac Jac, he delivers a very heavy punch.

He's gonna shave you whether you like it or not.


Overall Stats

Strength: 85/100

Speed: 71/100

Intelligence: 73/100

Special Moves: 78/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5222
Core HP 3350
Power Charge 2376
Total Attack 4071
Total Defense 3113
Resilience 6
Damage Recovery 7
Power Recovery 8
Average Punch Speed 6
Movement Speed 8
Mobility 10


- His name is possibly in reference to the biblical Abel.

- His name is also the same as the popular Street Fighter character Abel.