Vital statistics
Title The Unholy Annihilator
Generation 4
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser
Status Online
Name: Asura

Nickname: "The Unholy Annihilator"

Generation: 4

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online

Stats (in iOS)


Health: 80/100

Power: 100/100 (Max)

Speed: 90/100

Special Feature: Adaptive Fight Code

Special Moves:

1.- Asuraa (Original)

2.- Super Asuraa (Zeus)

3.- Ultra Asuraa (Cosmobot)

ORIGIN: Russia


Asura is considered to be Tak Mashido's greatest creation and the final boss to Real Steel: Champions. He has a unique ability, in which he takes the form of the robot you are currently using. However, he does have a silhouette of his actual form. It resembles a panther with four arms which end in fisted hands with claws at the end of the fingers.

In the 5th region of Real Steel: Champions, Asura is the final boss under the name "Asura 2.0". He is of the Thunder element.

Asura 2.0 is much stronger than the first Asura, a robot of Dark element, and the hardest opponent to fight in the Tournament. Beating him will earn you the title of Champion.

Asura is also confirmed to be in the iOS video game, but in his teaser his shadow silhouette has 4 arms, indicating his "quadruple damage", as indicated by his teaser trailer.

His true appearance is a giant, 4-armed robot, with the head of a panther, his fists similar to Atom's and his feet similar to a feline's. He has a black and golden paint job, glowing blue LED lights and large red eyes.

In the Real Steel iOS game, he's included in the bundle with the Dustbowl stage.  


Asura copies all your bot parts and gives himself a lava paint-job.

However, in the Real Steel (iOS game), he takes a completely different form: a giant, 4-armed robot with a jaguar-like head.


  • Asura is the only bot who has the ability to copy other bots.
  • In Real Steel: WRB, he has his true jaguar-head appearance, but with Midas or Midas Gold you only knock off one of his right arms. (It's probable that with Noisy Boy, you knock off only 2 out of 4 arms.) However, when you use a robot that knocks off only his head, two of his arms are knocked off. The head does not appear to be knocked off, but actually is. (Therefore, with Noisy Boy, you may actually knock off all four arms.)
  • He was first revealed in Real Steel: Champions.
  • He is apparently Tak Mashido's greatest creation.
  • In the Real Steel iOS game, he is the first robot with slow motion special moves.
  • Along with that, he is the first and, so far, the only robot in iOS that makes a sound during the intro and victory scenes. In his case, he roars during these scenes.
  • Asura is available for the Real Steel iOS BYOR. However, putting on his arms will result in you putting on all four of Asura's arms regardless of the other arm and will automatically set all animations as Asura's. Attempting to change your moves with Asura's arms can work and will hide two of Asura's arms.
  • In Real Steel WRB, the special move on his card is "Brainstorm", which is Zeus' move, but it is called "Asuraa" when used in a fight.
  • In Real Steel Champions, his true 4-armed form is known as ''Beast'' due to Asura's name already taken in that game. He is a Legend and can be bought with Carbon Cores.
  • When hit with a Light Attack in WRB, he gets knocked back a lot.