Vital statistics
Title The Peoples Champ,

The Junkyard Bot

Generation 2
Bot Type Sparring
Status Online

Name: Atom

Title/Nickname: "The People's Champion", "The Junkyard Bot"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Sparring


After Noisy Boy was destroyed, Charlie Kenton needed a new robot, so he and Max Kenton went to a junkyard to salvage parts to create a new robot. After Max fell off a hill and got snagged on a robot arm, he discovered that it was an entire robot. Max used a hook connected to their cart to hoist up Atom out of the ditch. Later, Max cleaned off Atom to discover his name written on his chest. After lots of begging from Max, Charlie agreed to take Atom to The Zoo to fight. Max got Atom a fight with Metro, and after taking a pounding in the first round, Atom dodged his previous downfall, and with a quick double uppercut, Atom gave Metro a system malfunction, and won $2,000.

A bystander invited the two to a fight, and Atom went on a winning streak. After defeating robots such as Blacktop, Six Shooter and more, they finally got invited to an official WRB fight with Twin Cities. Despite the fact that the opponent's technology was much more advanced, Atom won yet again, and Max challenged Zeus to a fight. After a very long match, where Atom suffered badly in the first round, but then managed to knock down Zeus thanks to his Shadow Mode, Atom technically lost the Zeus fight by a few points, but he earned the title "The People's Champion".


Atom is a beaten up chrome-coloured sparring bot, small in comparison to other fighting bots. His face is featureless and mesh covered much like a fencing mask save for a few tears and scratches and blue lights that resemble eyes when he is powered on. He has a Six-Pack. He has brown hands that look like boxing 

gloves, and a brown headband which slightly resembles a sparring mask. His hands have thumbs that can move on their own which was shown when Atom gripped the ropes of the ring to stop falling down in the 4th round against Zeus. He has a chip on his back too.

  • Atom's Original Appearance
  • Atom's Stage 3 Appearance
  • Atom's Stage 7 Appearance (1)
  • Atom's Stage 7 Appearance (2)
Stage 3: In this stage, Atom will have a much better and bigger body. His color will be changed to light brown and gray.

Stage 7: When fully upgraded, Atom's whole body will be much better. He will be white and will have bigger gloves. He will have two LED lights on the middle his chest. His name will slightly move more towards the right(left in Atom's perspective)on his chest, the lighting may make it difficult to be seen.



Strength: 97/100

Speed: 78/100

Durability: 100/100

Stamina: 100/100

Fighting Style

Charlie Kenton trained Atom to use his small size to his advantage by punching up and using inertia to create more force. His main form of attacks are right hooks and an uppercut finisher. However, he has weaknesses, due to his fighting set being pre-programed moves, they can be easily intercepted due to the fact that they can't change, but his shadow boxing feature and the ability to create new combos via basic commands can compensate for said weaknesses. He fights his opponents by finding and attacking weaknesses and openings until they close, he then (if needed) starts this again.

Special Moves: Jumping Straight, Rolling Uppercut, Double Uppercut, Charlie Special, and Dancing Body Blow Combo. Showboat (It's not really a combo, but can be used as a move.)

Special Feature: Shadow Mode

Improvements: Voice recognition system salvaged from Noisy Boy and a G2 remote controller salvaged from Ambush. (Which is killed later by Max Kenton, when he installes the salvaged voice recognition.)

Height: 7'6"

Weight: 700 lbs

Trainer: Charlie Kenton

Handler: Max Kenton

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Atom is an Under World 1 fighting bot that can be unlocked for 110 real gold sometimes the price will have a 10% discount depending on the day. He is more expensive than some other premium bosses (possibly due to his popularity).

Health: 1500

Damage: 104

Special Ability: Showstopper - when using a special move on an enemy it can not be blocked once performed.

 Special Move:       Uppercut

Super Uppercut (Touchdown)

                        Ultra Uppercut (Camelot)

Announcer's Quote: "Hailing from parts unknown, it's the People's Champion. Here's...Atom!"

Gold Version

A Gold Version of Atom. Gold bots have much higher stats than the original versions. However, there are no changes shown in stages 3 and 7.
Atom G


  • In the official picture, Atom's headband and gloves are brown, but in the movie, they are bronze. However, it could be just the lighting.
  • When moving, he appears to make a medium pitch hum.
  • Atom can move faster in shadow mode than using the voice recognition.
  • He is the only bot in the Real Steel movie to not have a faceplate.
  • He is not the shortest bot in Real Steel. Toolbox is.
  • He may be one of the toughest bots. This was proven in the movie when Zeus found it hard to destroy Atom. It's also possibly because he is originally a sparring bot, which is designed to take severe damage.
  • Despite having a strong enough build to withstand Zeus' attack - Atom is extremely weaker than Zeus in the game Real Steel WRB. Extreme precaution must be taken to ensure victory over Zeus, as he will make short work of Atom. However, in Real Steel WRB, players can spend some gold to buff Atom to be as strong as Zeus.
  • In Real Steel WRB, Atom has a gold version.
  • Also according to Hugh Jackman (Charlie), he was once Gamma's sparring bot.
  • Atom is the only known robot in the movie to have some level of sentience. This was proven when Max asked Atom if he could understand him, to which he gently nodded in reply.
  • His name "ATOM" truly fit him as he has really small size compared to most other robots but can't be underestimated.
  • Atom's stats were buffed in the iOS game. He used to be quite weak, but he has become stronger.
  • If you look closely at his face, you can see a tear in the mesh which makes him smiling.
  • Due to Atom is designed to endure punish from heavy strikes as a sparring robot, he can be considered to be the most durable robot in the series.
Atom Concept