Bandicam 2015-09-26 15-55-51-197


Blockbuster (Head), Metro (Torso), Blockbuster (R.hand), Blockbuster (L.hand), Twincities (R.leg), Twincities (L.leg)

2. Move:

Fatboy (Intro), Axelrod (Fin), Fatboy (Win), The Ice Breaker (Special), H2 attack (H1), Stock Attack, H2), H2 attack (H3), H3 attack (H4)

3. Paint:

Blue (Base), Blue Sky (Body), Black (Accent)

'Announcer's Quote: Here's Big Mac

Bandicam 2015-09-26 15-56-19-684
Big Mac


Armor: 2200

Power: 20

Critical: 23

RNG 2: 280

Boost: Full battle gauge

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