• Killrate21

    My imaginary robots.

    February 2, 2013 by Killrate21

    Here are some of my robots that i could not made on the  Xbox 360.

    Here are their names:

    El Sorro, the iron sombrero.

    Sludgehammer, the hammer-handed tyrant.

    I have a lot more imaginary robots, i will post them on this page also.

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  • CaptainPlanetPug

    Real Steel

    November 4, 2012 by CaptainPlanetPug


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  • Minhotaur2K

    Best Robot?

    October 5, 2012 by Minhotaur2K

    Who Do You Think Is the Best Robot in Real Steel?

    Post 1 For Zeus

    Post 2 For Atom

    Post 3 For Noisy

    Post 4 For Twin Cities

    Post 5 For Ambush

    Post 6 For Albino

    Post 7 For Blacktop

    Post 8 For Metro

    Post 9 For "They All Suck!"

    Post 10 For "I Can't Decide!"

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  • Diamondmatter


    April 11, 2012 by Diamondmatter

    Okay, to the few members of this site, I am pretty mad right now.


    I really hope those 2 new DLCs get added to the PS3.

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  • Zhumanchuie

    Need Some Help?

    December 30, 2011 by Zhumanchuie

    Really, if anybody needs anything on this wiki, just leave a comment saying SOS, or something similar. I'd be glad to help. Help with Parts, Leveling Up, WIki Stuff, anything is fine.

    Zhumanchuie 16:46, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Diamondmatter

    Some may not know that I allow User-Made robot articles, so please, post your robot to continue to populate this Wiki with pages!

    Here is a template for a User-Made robot page, note that I used the Table feature for the stat list:

    NAME: (add name here), the "(add nickname here)"

    GENERATION: (add generation here)

    BOT TYPE: (add your bot type here]]

    RANKING: (add ranking here; template is O:0:0, stage is O, division is the first 0 and second 0 is ranking on leaderboard)

    (Add information about robot and techniques, features, abilities here)

    Strength: 0/100

    Speed: 0/100

    Intelligence: 0/100

    Special Moves: 0/100

    Made in: (add where robot was made)

    Specialties: (add any specialties)

    Handler: (add name of who controls robot)

    Stat Name Stat Value
    TBR 0000
    Wins 0
    Online Wins 0 …

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  • Sweeneysaint


    November 1, 2011 by Sweeneysaint

    Ranking System:

    Last time, we talked about the classification of Mechs in Real Steel. We now have a standardized classification system for this wiki. Now I'd like to talk about the Conferences.

    First of all, what are Confrences? Well, as wikipedia puts it, "an athletic conference is a collection of sports teams playing against each other." For the purposes of Real Steel, we have three conferences: the Underground, World Robot Boxing (WRB), and DLC conferences. I suppose, if there ever becomes a highly viable multiplayer division, we can add that division to the list.

    Secondly, how are these conferences divided? Quite simply, by how they appear in the Real Steel game for Xbox360/PS3. The Underground consists of 3 divisions, the WRB has 2, and…

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  • XSoCCeR31x


    October 27, 2011 by XSoCCeR31x

    Hello!!! I'm a fan of the movie Real Steel, how about some readjusment to the real steel wiki... maybe we can put the video of the movie Real Steel or put special effects when oppening a page like the sound of the bell when opening Atom's page and the other robots

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  • Sweeneysaint


    October 26, 2011 by Sweeneysaint

    Classification system I like to use:

    It's actually based off of the balanced competition trope from It is based off three basic stats that all fighting games, and really, all groups have.

    Jack of All Stats

    generally shortened to "Jack", it has the most balanced stats, but not necessarily the best stats. Almost all starting characters are Jacks.

    Fragile Speedster

    Speed is king for this guy. While his attacks are weak, the sheer amount that he puts out can equal a single blast from a glass cannon. He can't take any hits, but his speed generally renders it moot.

    Glass Cannon

    His attacks generally fall under one hit KO, so he doesn't bother with armor. His speed is rather average, but its enough to get his cannon into position.

    Stone Wal…

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  • Diamondmatter


    October 24, 2011 by Diamondmatter

    Please follow these rules. People who excessively or purposefully break these rules will be banned permanently.

    • No inappropriate content anywhere on this site. Violators will be immidiately banned. No warnings.
    • No excessive swearing on comments. Many kids like the movie, so do not swear often. You will recieve 2 warnings for violating this rule. Using the "F" or "B" words will result in a ban. Using the "A" or "S" words will result in 2 warnings and comment to be deleted.
    • No swearing on any articles. Violaters will be banned for 2 weeks.
    • Do not hate on other peoples fan-bots, constructive criticism is okay but hate is a bannable offence. Vioalters will recieve a warning and will be banned for 2 weeks if broken twice.
    • No content from other sites…
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