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Weight:1200 lbs


Owner: Jason Peters

Bot type: Unknown, probably a Demon Wall.

Title:The Boxer With An Explosive Punch (official title), The Ring Exterminator (title that the people made up).

Announcers quote: The Boxer With An Explosive Punch is here, beware of Burstpunch!!

Intro: Jumps in the ring, raises his arms, crowd cheers, and he gets in the boxing stance.

Win: Stomps on the opponent and raises one of his arms.


Signature moves:

1. Ring Horror. Burstpunch uppercuts the opponent, grabs him and throws him in the corner.

2. Exterminator. Burstpunch kicks the opponent and uppercuts him with the left arm so hard, the opponent will totally fall down.


Burstpunch kicks the opponent and headbutts him, uppercuts him with the right arm, grabs the opponents head and kicks it, ripping the head off.







Episode 1:The Ring Exterminator

When Burstpunch was assembled, Jason already could tell that this guy is tough. So he already wanted to fight someone strong. So he fought Hollowjack. When the fight started, Hollowjack punched Burstpunch and started to drill him. Burstpunch barely felt anything. He punched Hollowjack, and he fell down. Hollowjack stood up on the ninth second, just to find his head ripped off. That's how Burstpunch got two of his titles, "The Ring Exterminator" because of how fast he defeated such a strong bot, "The Robot With An Explosive Punch" because he knocked down a robot with just one hit.

Burstpunch started to grow fame. Abandon, Blacktop, Blockbuster, SixShooter, Toolbox, Ramchip, Orefist and Prisma- all beaten in a blink of an eye.

Episode 2:Looking for a challenge


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