Cardinal Chaos
Cardinal Chaos (2)
Vital statistics
Title Sacramentum Accedunt,Agent Of Anarchy
Generation 3
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser Lv.5
Status Online
Cardinal Chaos,as seen in the IOS game.

Cardinal Chaos,as seen in the IOS game

Name: Cardinal Chaos

Nickname/Title: "Sacramentum Accedunt","Agent Of Anarchy"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Cardinal Chaos is an all new World Robot Boxing I competitor bot from Real Steel World Robot Boxing game.

Origin : United States of America (as the IOS game says)

Weight : 1850lbs

Height : 8'5"

Feature : Cardinal's Crown

Signature move : Chaos Hammer, Rest in Pieces

                  Super Chaos Hammer (Sixshooter)

                  Ultra Chaos Hammer (Ambush)

                  Announcer's Quote: From the mysterious, Sacramentum Accedunt...Cardinal Chaos!


Cardinal Chaos is a huge bot. He resembles Noisy Boy and might be made by Tak Mashido. He is very dark grey along with black and then a red neon, His eyes give a red (depends on what colour you make it) gas resembling look coming out of his eyes. His appearance was probably made to be a menacing machine, like Zeus.


The stats are based on the game. This represents the Base stage, Stage 3, and Stage 7.

Armor : <a href="tel:<a href="tel:4100/5000/6200">4100/5000/6200</a>">4100/5000/6200</a>

Power : <a href="tel:<a href="tel:336/408/504">336/408/504</a>">336/408/504</a>

Special : 42/51/63

IOS game





  • His title "Sacramentum Accedunt" roughly translates to "Mystery Approach" from Latin. This could possibly hint at his unkown origins, although it is revealed in Real Steel iOS that he originated from the United States of America.
    • On another note, the term "sacrament" is religious based, of which is fitting for his appearance and name. Cardinals are usually of prime importance, and commonly associated with churches.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to Noisy Boy - even his animations are nearly the same as Noisy Boy, which might be a clue that he is an upgrade - however, they were both created in separate countries(United States and Japan, respectively), which might disprove this. However,when Max was painting Atoms name on Atoms chest,you could see that Charlie was repairing Noisy Boy in the back,and maybe upgrading him to CC,so maybe that's why CC's origin is USA.
  • He might be made by Tak Mashido because of this - but as stated it is most unlikely.
  • Cardinal Chaos can only be obtained through the Mystery Draw.
  • Cardinal Chaos appears in the Real Steel (iOS) game even though he was originally from WRB. This has happened to Fat Boy, Bio War, Blockbuster and Hollowjack as well. However, this Cardinal Chaos glows a blue neon rather than a red neon.
  • Cardinal Chaos's Special Move in Real Steel: World Robot Boxing was named Chaos Hammer, however in Real Steel iOS it is now named Rest In Pieces.
  • Due to the incredible resemblance Cardinal Chaos may be a rebuilt Noisy Boy.
  • In the WRB game, his announcer's voice is different.
  • On Russian language in Real Steel WRB,CC has stats as:

Origin:Null, Weight:Null, High:Null, Spec. Feature:Null, Sign. Move:Null.

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