Title: The Gridiron Beast

Origin: USA

Weight: 1,325lbs


Bot type:(Like Touchdown)

Signature Move:Touchdown

                    Super Touchdown (Tackle)

                    Ultra Touchdown (Touchdown)

Announcer's Quote: "Crusher, the Gridiron Beast!"

Generation: 3

Rating: 82

Intro: He leans back and kicks his legs forwards

Win: His Win celebration is a lot like Axelrod's, He burst's and stares at the player


He appears in red but in blue in the IOS game with the number "09" on his breastplate, his shoulder pads has spikes like Hollow Jack and wears a helmet like Touchdown, Quarterback and Tackle but he has no faceplate but large eyes like Quarterback. His legs seems normal but with a small area of leather tessellations, (also at his arms too). And short spikes at his knees and a "X" at his side knee and feet joint (look at the pitchure at the top)


  • Screen480x480
    In his card in wrb his special move is written super charged punch.
  • In ios his colour is blue and number is changed to 12.
  • He appears in the iOS game. He can be unlocked when you buy Tackle, Touchdown, Quarterback and Gambit.
  • He is one of the four American Football robots from Touchdown, Tackle and Quarterback