Power - 100/300

Health - 3000

Type - Demon Wall

Weight - Heavyweight

Nickname - The Undead Shogun, The Samurai of Darkness

Best Feature - Omega Fist V.2

Handler - ??? (put a name because i can't think up .)

Special - Undead Attack


??? was sick of losing. He has over 6 robots and they lost against Zeus. He plotted to make a new champion for the WRB, and so ??? built Dead Samurai. DS fought Zeus. One punch Zeus, it made a dent on it. Dead Samurai landed an Undead Attack, which is punching the opponent 20 times then jump up and kick the opponent in the face. Zeus was cut to pieces. The Two Headed Tower of Power challenged The Undead Shogun. Twin Cities used a Hypnotic Fury but DS' armor made Dead Samurai take little damage. Dead Samurai sliced the torso 3 times, weakening Twin Cities. And finally, Dead Samurai uppercutted the two heads and won. ??? sparred DS against a DIY Assemble Sparrer 03 (got it from EPart) a training and nearly destroyed it but it got repaired back. Steampunk got it's head crushed, Tackle was mutilated and Excavator was beheaded.

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