Armor: 8/10

Dreadlord in game

Power: 10/10 

Speed: 9/10

Title/Nickname: The Fright Knight

Height: 8'2 1/4

Weight: 930 lbs.

Signature Move: The Fright Knight

Super The Fright Knight

Ultra The Fright Knight

Origin: USA 


He appears in Real Steel IOS.

He Appears in Real Steel World Robot Boxing


  • Dreadlord is a Halloween special.
  • Dreadlord has a Scythe in his right hand, which he uses during his special moves. The scythe disappears when the fight continues again.
  • He is the same height as Asura.
  • Dreadlord has a flaming head.
  • Dreadlord's special move 1 in Real Steel HD and WRB is the same as special move 1 for Dreadbot in Ultimate Robot Fighting. Dreadlord's ripoff is identical to Dreadbot's 3rd special move in Ultimate Robot Fighting.

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