Enforcer is a bot owned by Miko Rekker.


Name: Enforcer

Title: The Bot Wrecker

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Game Breaker 5

Status: Available

Announcer's Quote: "Put your hands up and freeze for the officer, Enforcer!"

Handler/Trainer: Miko Rekker

Robot Frame: RixRexWhirlAchev29T3

Robot Power Core: Gefeax229Pirk25

Robot Motherboard: WhirlAche223 89TB


Miko Rekker was a police officer and owned a police bike. He took it apart and combined some parts with a robot frame he bought from the Black Market, meeting Amanda Thompson while she was buying Valentine. Miko flirted with Amanda until Mark Hedhon came in and started a fight with Miko. Miko challenged Mark to a fight, not knowing about Ravagor.

Enforcer vs Ravagor

The Unholy Fighters 

Enforcer is a member of the Unholy Fighters, a powerful team with 5 other powerful bots.

Stats Edit

Armour : 100/100

Power : 38/100

Speed : 82/100

Intelligence: 49/100

Special: 100/100

Signature Moves: Hands Up, Cuff Luck.

Specialties: Can move fast using the wheel on his leg.

Special gear: Wheel leg, strong armour, experienced owner.