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Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Generation Unknown (Probably 3)
Bot Type Unknown
Status Online

Name: Excavator

Title/Nickname: Unknown

Bot Type: Brawler

Generation: 3

Status: Online


Excavator is one of the taller robots in the WRB. Resembling a digger from a construction site, he is yellow with black stripes, has 2 metallic claws for fists, and if you look hard enough, the back of his head looks like part of a claw.

2 Excavator Card


Origin: Germany

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 1355 LBS

Special Feature: Metal Claw

Signature move: Hydro-Slam

                       Super Hydro-Slam (Blockbuster)

                       Ultra Hydro-Slam (Camelot)

Announcer's Quote: "A wrecking ball to the face, he buries one opponent after another. Can you dig...Excavator?!"


He is the 2nd Robot fighter in the section of WRB ll. Defeating this Bot will allow you to face Abandon in the next stage. Excavator is a robot from Germany, just like Albino.


Excavator, when stage 1/3/7 has:

5600/6500/7700 Health

392/488/616 Power

57/66/78 Special

169/193/232 Stars

Attack set shared with: Atom, Block Buster, Sarge, Cosmobot, Crusher, Tackle.

Even though he has some of the longest arms in the WRB, his range is very limited due to bugs.

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