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Farra Lemkova was Tak Mashido's beautiful Russian partner. She attempted to buy Atom from Charlie and Max by offering $200,000 for the bot.


She helped Tak Mashido in the robot boxing business. Her and Tak's robot was Zeus, the undefeated robot champion. She attempted to buy Atom from Charlie and Max. However, Max refused and defeated Twin Cities shortly afterward, at which point he proceeded to taunt Farra, earning her disdain. She later attended the fight between Zeus and Atom, and boasted that Zeus remained undefeated after the match (although she was clearly embarassed at the match as Atom would obviously have beaten Zeus if the match hadn't ended when it did). Zeus was knocked out a few seconds after the round ended. 


She was very pretty young woman who had dark-brown hair worn in a ponytail and wore tight fitting designer dresses.

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