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The Failed Experiment


Game Breaker





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Name: Game Over

Title: The Failed Experiment

Heigth: 8'10"

Weigth: 1500 lbs

BotType: Game Breaker

SignatureMove: Heavyweigth Slam


Armor: 100/100

Power: 100/100

Speed: 30/100

SpecialFeature: Unbreakable Body and Anti-Overheat System



George Stinger got ready with his experiment. He already prepared all of his stuffs. But the experiment gone wrong. George is actually planning to made a robot with a teleportation ability. But all gone wrong when George got his experiment exploded. He first tougth that his experiment was already gone, but what he found is intresting. From a failed experiment, he builded a robot with an unbreakable body. He also put a anti-overheat system in his new experiment. He called his experiment "Game Over". George got happy with his new experiment. He bringed Game Over to the Crash Palace. In there, he got a match againts Albino. Unbelieveable ! When Game Over only gave his hook, Albino got destroyed already ! Game Over's body is covered by titanium, causing him to got alot of durability and so much power. George got excited. He books a match againts Aquabot. Like Albino, Game Over only gaves him a cross, but Aquabot got destroyed by that cross. But George got remembered, that Game Over doesn't have a signature move. So George went to his small-warehouse, and makes a special move for Game Over. And George found an interesting move that Game Over performs. George searches the code from the move but he didn's find it. So Game Over got a new special now. George tried it to a stronger bot, Fat Boy. When the match started, Fat Boy lands an uppercut, but got dodged. Then George performs the "Heavyweigth Slam" to Fat Boy. Fat Boy got his chassis extremely broked and he lost his head. "YEAH !!" Shout George. But he feel something is not rigth. Game Over got alot of power and armor, BUT HE IS REALLY REALLY SLOW ! But George didn't mind that. BTW, after the match, someone invited George to the Zoo. "Guaranteed, you can get more money in there." Says the guy. "Oh, okay then. I'll go there tomorrow !" George replies. 


In the next day, George went to the Zoo. "HOLY SH*T !!!" Shout George when he got arrived in there. He saws a robot got torn appart by a guy with a mowhawk hair. "Wait a minute..... THATS KINGPIN !!" Shout George. But George didn't greet him. He wants to see the Zookeeper. When he sees the Zookeeper, he got shocked. Zookeeper's apperences is simillar to Metro, but this robot has a mallet in his rigth hand too. George thinks, how could possebely Game Over can figth him. Then George saw the Zookeeper's stats:

Armor: 75/100

Power: 89/100

Speed: 80/100

"Holy sh*t !" Says George in his mind. Zookeeper got alot more speed than Game Over ! Than he heards a guy says: "SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO JOIN THE "ZOO TOURNAMENT" PLEASE GO THE REGISTRATION BOOTH !" Says the guy. "A tournament ? Hell yea !" Says George excited. George registered Game Over to the tournament. Whats makes George got more excited is because that the first match is today ! "WOOOO !" Shout George. In the tournament, his first oppenent is Screenshoot. Screenshoot is a preety tough robot. His torso looks like a camera. When the match started, Screenshoot lands an uppercut to Game Over, but got blocked. Then Game Over lands a cross to Screenshoot's chassis. Unbelieveable ! Screenshoot got fly to the crowds. When the referee comes to the place where Screenshoot lands, he saw that Screenshoot was already got snapped into half. Game Over won the match ! In the second round, Game Over is facing a robot named Burst. Burst's heigth is 8'8". Almost as tall as Game Over ! BTW, when the match started, Burst already trow punches everywhere. Game Over is just blocking and dodging. When Burst is about to trew a uppercut, Game Over dodged and gave a hardcore hook, causing Burst lost his chestplate. George sees that when Burst lost his chestplate, Burst vital organs are visible. So Game Over trew a hardcore hook, and destroyed Burst. Once again, Game Over wins ! After the second match, George got tell by the announcer that the third match is tomorrow. When George got into his truck, he got a message that his friend, Chuck Haryo, is married with Velie Mako Morie. If you thougth that Velie's name is weird, that is because she's from Japan. BTW, when George arrived at the church, Chuck greets him. "Hey buddy ! Nice to seyah pal !" Says Chuck to George. "Good to see you to, bro !" George replies. After they've talked, the wedding starts. But in the middle of the wedding, George good a message on his phone. It says "Howdy boy ! I've already heard alot about you ! Listen, im challenged you into a 1 on 2-handicap match. Dont need to be scared, because your robot is a profesional rigth ? Thats why i challenging you to that match. The winner gets $1.500.000.000 !! If you accepted my challenge, meet me at the Juden Cafe tomorrow at 05.00 PM !" -TO BE CONTINIUED-

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