Here is, the Robot of lunar eclipse, unleashed nightmare, GOLEMITE!!!

Golemite is owned by someone who is known as Yaretzi. At first she wants to call her Robot Golem, but then she saw, that a Robot who's named Golem already exist.

Name: Golemite

Title: The Robot of Lunar Eclipse/ The unleashed Nightmare

Bot Type: Unknown

Origin: Unknown

Genetration: Unknown

Armor: Unknown

Power: Unknown

Speed: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown (but very Smart)

Special: Unknown


Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

How Golemite get banned from the WRB

It was in a Fight with Blac Jac, Golemite punched him to the Ground, and then she Jumped at Blac Jac like a Wrestler, but it was Robot BOXING, not Robot Wrestling. However, Golemite get deactivated and banned for 10 years, because she also Destroyed everything mechanik inside Blac Jac, so it was cheaper to build Blac Jac Gold then Rebuilding him.

Special Move

Prototype Tornado: Golemite Spin herself like a tornado, and then she makes a backflip, where she is hitting her enemy.

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