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Owner:Unknown, then Jack White

Title: The Fallen Champion, The Coretaker.

Robot Type: Glass Cannon

Generation:1.5, then upgraded to 3.5.

Height: 8,7

Weight: 2000lbs

Announcers quote: He's been dethroned by CyberThreat.... Now he's back, more vengeful than ever! Here comes the GraveDigger!!!

Intro: Walks slowly, looking down. Then he raises his head, does a backhand, and gets into the boxing stance.

Win: Ominously stares at the fallen foe, then looks at the crowd and raises both arms.

Special Moves

1. GraveDigger "stabs" the opponents stomach with his right and begins to spin his hand. Then, he kicks the opponent to the ground.

2. GraveDigger backhands the opponents face with the right and then kicks the opponents knee, knocking his foe off his feet.


GraveDigger "stabs" the opponents stomach with his right and spins his hand, then backhands the opponents face with his right. Then he puts his left arm on the opponents shoulder, spinning his right hand in the air, and finally, GraveDigger delivers a decapitating uppercut to the opponents head.







Well, I'm finally making robot pages again.

So, GraveDigger. Where do I start his story?

Back in the early days of robot boxing, GraveDigger was the UnderWorld Champion. His handlers name was unknown. Even today, GraveDigger is known as the longest running UnderWorld champion there ever was. Maybe he would've been the UnderWorld champion forever, but of course, all great things must come to an end. He was dethroned by a robot that went by the name of "CyberThreat". GraveDigger was absolutely ANNIHILATED that day. He was so damaged, in fact, that his owner spent weeks fixing him, but to no avail. Then, his owner abandoned GraveDigger, throwing him out to the Metal Valley....

Years later, a guy called Jack White sneaked into the Metal Valley. He was looking for a boxing robot. He did find some robots there, but none of them looked cool in his opinion. Then, he found GraveDigger. Something told Jack to take that bot. And so he did.

He arrived to his garage. A week or two of fixing and upgrading the fallen champion, GraveDigger was finally standing on his feet. Now all Jack had to do was give the robot a name. When he was sitting in front of his creation, he noticed that something was written on the robot. Jack took a closer look at the writing and read it out loud:



With GraveDigger repaired and upgraded, Jack tried his creation in robot boxing. He already had 6 fights, and most of em' were over pretty quickly, so......


Fight 1: GraveDigger vs BlackTop

GraveDigger blocked BlackTops air attack and then did a hook to BlackTops right shoulder, busting it off. Then, The Fallen Champion drilled BlackTops stomach and threw him over himself.

Fight 2: GraveDigger vs BlockBuster

BlockBuster charged at The Coretaker, however GraveDigger dodged and grabbed Bringing Down The Barrage Bots right arm made him hit himself. Then, GraveDigger grabbed the stunned BlockBuster and and broke his neck.

Fight 3: GraveDigger vs Albino

The Great White Hope was trying to hit GraveDigger, however he dodged all of Albinos attacks and then tried to knock Albinos head off, however his opponent lowered his head just in time. Then GraveDigger stunned Albino and then went behind him grabbed his head, crushing it with his own hands.

Fight 4: GraveDigger vs BlueBot

GraveDigger dodged all BlueBots attacks and then stunned BlueBot. Then he grabbed his left arm and slammed it right into the corner of the ring, piercing through it. Then, GraveDigger used his right hand to cut right into BlueBots face.

Fight 5: GraveDigger vs SixShooter

The Sheriff Of RoboTown tried to fight back, however he couldn't escape GraveDiggers grip and had his head slammed into the ring multiple times up to the point where oil started dripping out of his head.

Fight 6: GraveDigger vs Abandon

The Ice Cool Mechanical Mountain put up the best fight out of the first 6 robots that GraveDigger buried, however even he got both of his arms and head ripped off.

EPISODE 3: The Gold-Blooded Killers Funeral


Fun facts!

1. At first his name was supposed to be "The Fallen Champion"

2. His Rip-off is performed exclusively with his right arm.

3. He can only spin his right hand.

4. His right wrist is supposed to represent a shovel.

5. His name is a reference to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

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