Vital statistics
Title The Bronzed Body-Builder Bot
Generation 3
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser
Status Offline/Destroyed

Name: Gridlock

Title/Nickname: "The Bronzed Body-Builder Bot"

Owner: Emil Lindpaintner

Generation: 3

Status: Offline/Destroyed


Gridlock is seen in the movie where he got his fight with Zeus. He managed to punch Zeus, which makes him the first robot to ever land a blow on Zeus (Atom being the second), but it was a weak blow, which Zeus counters, with his nuke fists on Gridlock's head which flattened his head and destroyed his system.


Armor: 70/100

Power: 74/100

Speed: 87/100

Intelligence: 56/100

Special: ???
Gridlock card


Origin: Switzerland or Italy

Weight: 783 lbs

Height: 8'0

Special Feature: Blue Cyanide Core

Signature Move: Mechismo Taunt

                       Super Mechismo Taunt (Blacktop)

                       Ultra Mechismo Taunt (Abandon)

Announcer's Quote: "Hailing all the way from Switzerland, get in a jam for Gridlock!"


Gridlock is almost completely bronze, with gold attributes along with blue tints for the hand. Gridlock is pretty large for a WRB 'bot. In a news report at the StarFire Arena (which he got Nuke Fisted by Zeus), he is almost as tall as Zeus himself.


  • He was the very first bot who managed to hit Zeus, but it was one weak right cross before Zeus nuke-fisted him. He was about to land a left cross but was interrupted.
  • In the iOS game Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Gridlock's card says he's from Italy but the announcer says he's from Switzerland.
  • There is a similar error in the Real Steel iOS game shop description, but it says Gridlock is from Switzerland.
  • He is flat footed.
  • He has a Gold variation in the iOS game, Gridlock Gold. Due to Gridlock already being gold, this gold variation has a darker golden suit with some dark-red spots.
  • In his concept art, his name was originally Atlas.

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