Guardian is a bot owned by Blake Herman.


Name: Guardian

Title: The Unholy Leader

Generation: 7

Bot Type: Game Breaker 5

Status: Available

Announcer's Quote: "The leader of the Unholy Fighters, the red wrecker, here comes Guardian!"

Handler/Trainer: Blake Herman

Robot Frame: PortalBotFDGv2

Robot Power Core: SDV Ultra 300

Robot Motherboard: Mother's board


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The Unholy Fighters

Guardian is a member of the Unholy Fighters, a powerful team with 5 other powerful bots.


Armour : 100/100

Power : 100/100

Speed : 100/100

Intelligence: 100/100

Special: 100/100

Signature Moves: All the signature moves of the other Unholy Fighters and: Guardians Shield.

Specialties: Max stats, combined signature moves, extreme defense.


Guardian guarding the entrance of the Unholy Fighters base.


Anyone want this bot? Just ask to have it below and one lucky winner will be chosen! If you win this bot you will get:

  • Guardian
  • Ownership over all his stuff
  • Leadership over The Unholy Fighters
  • Permission to write his story
  • Permission to change his energy core and stuff

But you can't

  • Change his name
  • Change his stats
  • Disband The Unholy Fighters
  • Change his information (except for power core and motherboard)

So if you want him, ask and you might get him!

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