Hollow Jack
Vital statistics
Title The Halloween Horror (with a pumpkin head)
Generation 2
Bot Type Lightning Bruiser Lv.4
Status Online

Hollowjack being introduced in the Real Steel iOS.

Name: Hollow Jack

Title/Nickname:"The Halloween Horror (with a pumpkin head)"

Generation: 2

Bot Type: Lightning Bruiser

Status: Online


Hollowjack is a new bot from the Real Steel World Robot Boxing game. He is a Halloween themed bot. He has a Pumpkin for a head, and seems to have vials or power cores by his chest.He is the 5th Underworld ll Bot.

Announcer's Quote: "Carving his way to victory, it's the Halloween Horror with a pumpkin head...Hollowjack!"





Hollow jack card


Origin : USA

Ability: Show Stopper

Weight : 1200 LBS

Height : 8'4"

Feature : Rotating head and fists

Signature move : Laughter Riot

                        Super Laughter Riot (Touchdown)

                        Ultra Laughter Riot (Blac Jac)


His head is made to resemble a pumpkin.  

  • Hollowjack's Original Appearance
  • Hollowjack's Stage 3 Appearance
  • Hollowjack's Stage 7 Appearance (1)
  • Hollowjack's Stage 7 Appearance (2)

He has 2 shoulder pads that are spiky and has curves that are sharpened. His chest looks like an iron or copper or bronze vest. It is possible that he is based on the Headless Horseman. 

Stage 3: In this Stage, Hollowjack will have four claws on each hands and will have 3 red LEDs on his shoulders and his chest. His color will be lighter than his original appearance.

Stage 7: When fully upgraded, Hollowjack will have bigger spikes on his head, shoulder, fists and legs. His eyes and smile will be wider and more yellowish.

Real Steel iOS

Hollowjack is is added in the game recently. He looks like the fully upgraded version from the Real Steel WRB game, but his head resembles his stage 3 version.

HollowJack has been an addition of the Real Steel Community for a little over three years.With the recent Halloween update,HollowJack looks scarier than ever.

He used to be the second best bot in the game, but new updates containing stronger bots put him down the list.


  • Hollowjack's fists are rotatable, and he 'kindly' uses them to tenderise the opponent's body.
  • Because of the high amount of vibrations rattling Hollowjack's body as he performs his Laughter Riot Special Move, it appears as if he is actually laughing, which is why it was given that name.
  • The iOS Hollowjack looks like a stage 7, but his head looks like a stage 3.