(Sorry for the white bits around this guy's pic, it was from a GIF, and i can't find good JPEGS) (WIP!!!!!)

Jaime Tommes is one of the most talented engineers at Robot Boxing International School, and is the love interest of Janise Keri (What's their ship name? Jamis? Jainime?)


Unlike Janise, Jaime was born in a stinking rich family. Yes, they had swords, Yes they had expensive clothes, YES, they had a big house (the size of mount fuji (Not really, more of a Scarlet Overkill Palace size)). But nothing really satisfied with what he had. No, he wasn't a spoiled jerk, he just wanted something money can't really buy, nor your family's bloodline, reputation, or orders: a BFF. His parents say that he's too noble for a friend, and should have a girfriend. AT THE AGE OF 15!!!!!

He secretly despised his parents being so caught up in their attempt to keep up their reputation (and their INCREDIBLY picky behaviour.), and he was forced to segregate himself from his parents by running away... with 50% of the family's money.


Jaime has seemingly normal behaviour, but not really.

Stage 1: Normality

When you first meet him, he acts like your average young adult. He's mostly kind and shares parts of his past. But please don't ask where he got his bot Vortex (Upcoming!).

Stage 2: Clam up

You sick little monkey. Did you ask him where he got Vortex from? While he is in this stage, he will most likely not talk to you. In the little moments he does, he roasts you.

Stage 3: Roasted!

'nuff said

Abilities and Attrubutes

  • Expert roaster. Jaime is capable of roasting anyone, if given enough time.
  • Good mathematician. With his math skills he can figure out when to attack, how fast, hard, and where.
  • ADHD. In battle, his ADHD keeps him alive, though it doesn't kick in often.
  • Weapon knowledge. Jaime has the ability to recognize a weapon and how to counter it
  • Expert Thief. He owes his thievery for his planning, though he only steals when needed.


  • Drug Sensitivity. Jaime's body is incredibly sensitive to all kinds of drugs.
  • Irregular Heart Beat. Jaime wheres a Pacemaker to correct his heart beat. Anything that damages or turns off the pacemaker is very dangerous. Combined with his sensitivity, stimulants and depressants can end his life.

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