Kaitoa is a generation 2 bot, and is known as a core seeker, which are bots that are capable of literally ripping off the power core of bots as trophies.

Here are Kaitoa's stats

SPEED: 76/100

POWER: 89/100

ARMOUR: 99/100


SPECIAL: 89/100

OVERALL: 429/500


Announcer's quote: "The elder champion of brute strength, the renowned core seeker, Bow down to... Kaitoa!!!!!!"


Kaitoa is a new zealand bot made by Tapenata, a retired boxer and mechanic.

The year was 2015, human boxing had died off and former boxers sprawled everywhere, trying to earn a living. This event was known as the great loss, as many human boxers funded for their life via boxing. One such boxer was devastated when he heard news of the death of his beloved sport. It was a long time since he was heard from, but he still lives on as a mechanic, until the day he tried his hand at making a robot

Tapenata spent months raiding junkyards for bot parts. He even stole parts from bots that were still active (Like Noisy boy and Twin cities). It wasn't until 2021 (he spent one year raiding parts) that Kaitoa was complete

Chapter 1: Scrapbot belongs to the scrap pile

Kaitoa was ready for his first fight

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