The Olympus Warriors is a team that consists of powerful robots named after Greek Gods. They are also a part of Global Mech.


Zeus (Leader) (God of Lightning)

'Hades ('Co-Leader) (God of the Underworld)

Poseidon (Member) (God of the Sea)

Ares (Member) (God of War)

Hermes (Member) (God of Speed)

Helios (Member) (God of the Sun)

Apollo (Member) (God of Archery)

Hephaestus (Member) (God of Fire and Blacksmithing)

Zeus (Olympus Warriors) 

The leader of Olympus Warriors, the most powerful out of the group. Has an overdrive mode like Ravagor)

God of Lightning
Vital statistics
Title The Thunder Beast
Generation 5
Bot Type Game Breaker 5
Status Available

STRENGTH: 97.99/100 (99.99 During Overdrive)

SPECIAL: 97/100 (100/100 During Overdrive)

SPEED: 79.92/100 (97/100 During Overdrive)

Lightning Strike - 25 extremely quick punches to the chest.

Blade of Olympus - A finishing move where Zeus uses both hands to punch right through the opponents chest.


The second in command of Olympus Warriors, has the most special abilities.

God of the Underworld
Vital statistics
Title The Fire Beast
Generation 5
Bot Type Game Breaker 5
Status Available

STRENGTH: 83.52/100

SPECIAL: 96.99/100

SPEED: 89.3/100

Soul Steal - A rip off move where Hades wraps his arm around the opponents head and violently rips the head off.

The River Styx - A move where Hades kicks the opponent to one side of the ring, and brutally gives strong punches to the face.

Chains of Olympus - A combo repeatedly going: left jab, right jab, straight, left jab, right jab, straight.


A member of Olympus Warriors, is fast and good with special abilities.

STRENGTH: 78/100

SPECIAL: 82.99/100

SPEED: 89/100

City of Atlantis - 10 quick and powerful uppercuts.

Seas of Olympus - A move where Poseidon punches the opponent, then slightly move to the side of the opponent and punch him again. Repeatedly do this and the opponents body will weaken.


A member of Olympus warriors, is powerful and extremely fast.

STRENGTH: 91.33/100

SPECIAL: 39.99/100

SPEED: 98.96/100

Army of Ares - A strong barrage of punches to the face.

Destruction of Olympus - A rip off move similar to Nukefist, but Ares puts the opponent in the corner and rips its arms off before doing it.


A member of Olympus warriors, is the fastest out of the team.

STRENGTH: 47.6/100

SPECIAL: 62.9/100

SPEED: 100/100 - 249.9/250 when partnered with Helios

Speed Beast - A move where Hermes punches the opponent in random spots 50 times. Hermes does this really fast so the opponent does not stop the combo.

Helios Compatibility - When partnered with Helios. Hermes takes up a little bit of Helios light making him very fast.


A member of Olympus warriors, similar to Sting-Rhino as Helios as he can scramble the enemy's tracking using bright lights.

STRENGTH: 72/100

SPECIAL: 62/100

SPEED: 89/100

Flash Strike - A move where Helios uses most of his power to make a huge flash towards the opponent. The opponents tracking is completely disabled after this move.

Hermes Compatibility - When partnered with Hermes. Helios can give Hermes some light to increase Helios's speed.


A member of Olympus warriors, Apollo has long arms for long range attacks.

STRENGTH: 82/100

SPECIAL: 100/100

SPEED: 72/100

Bow & Arrow - Apollo goes in a position where it looks like he is about to shoot an arrow. And uses punches the opponent in that position.

Flame Arrows - Apollo can heat up his fists almost to the point of metal melting and then repeatedly does Bow & Arrow with his fire fists.

Long Range - Apollo hits the opponent from far away repeatedly.


A member of Olympus warriors, Hephaestus is fire proof and he can set himself on fire during battle. He can also shift his parts

STRENGTH: 100/100

SPECIAL: 50/100

SPEED: 60/100

Part Shift - For every part of his body, he can replace his arms by taking one from the canister inside Hephaestus.

Flaming Fury - Hephaestus goes into overdrive and sets his body on fire completely.

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