Nickname:The Astral Bombshell

Special Moves:Celestial Strike

Moves:Astral Projector,Celestial Burst,Quantum Smash

Special Feature:Neon LED Parts

Owner:Esther Sayla,Flynn Mchuldier,Danny Delton


Esther Sayla,Flynn and Danny's Friend Decided to Build a Robot Related to her name,she found out that her name is Persian for Star so she named her bot after Orion(The Constellation) and she tested Orion against Bluebot and Orion Destroyed Aquabot and won 20.000$ so she Called Flynn and Danny and they were amazed because she built a robot but she and Felicia Yale are building another robot called Folklore and told Flynn and Danny to control Orion while she is away


Orion is The Second Space bot(Cosmobot)

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