OST-Real Steel-2011-OMA

Real Steel (Music from the Motion Picture) is a soundtrack album containing music from the Real Steel movie.


  1. "Fast Lane" by Bad Meets Evil
  2. "Here's a Little Something for Ya" by Beastie Boys
  3. "Miss the Misery" by Foo Fighters
  4. "The Enforcer" by 50 Cent
  5. "Make Some Noise (Put 'Em Up) [feat. Yelawolf]" by The Crystal Method
  6. "'Till I Collapse (feat. Nate Dogg)" by Eminem
  7. "One Man Army" by The Prodigy & Tom Morello
  8. "Give It a Go (feat. Veronica Gardner)" by Timbaland
  9. "The Midas Touch" by Tom Morello
  10. "Why Try" by Limp Bizkit
  11. "Torture" by Rival Sons
  12. "All My Days" by Alexi Murdoch
  13. "Kenton" by Danny Elfman

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