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Welcome to the Real Steel Wiki, Boxer!
The wiki about Real Steel, a movie about robot boxing by
Shawn Levy. We are currently editing over 657 articles.

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This is a collaborative encyclopedia surrounding the movie franchise of Real Steel. You can dive right in and help this wiki be the best it can be! We are looking for the highest standard editing for this wiki. We're always looking for new members, so join today! We are currently managing 657 articles. In our Pages, you will find information about the characters, locations and much more! Before you start to edit read Our Policies and Guideline.

Important Notes

This wiki might seem strange to you, and indeed it does. Unlike others, we have less restrictions, here, we allow our member's imagination go wild and write their own robot boxer! However, if your page have low quality, we might consider removing it. If you see a warning on your page and you don't improve it, it will be deleted after a month.


Discussions - 29/3/17

Discussions has been added to the wiki. Find it in the top in "On the Wiki" or click here!

Deletion - 27/3/17

New deletion system has be established to improve wiki quality.

Vandalism - 17/9/16

You are forced to make an account to edit on this wiki due to vandalism.

Skysteam retirement? - 7/10/2015

One of our admins, Skysteam has announced a retirement soon on his page. He says that he will retire when Bunker Buster's story will be completed

Custom Bots!

Even want to join the fight? Do you want to own a bot? Of course you do! Join special events with a custom bot! Make your own bot or buy one from Robot sale pages like Ebot! Creating a custom bot? Click here!

Popular Pages : Atom Zeus Noisy Boy Twin Cities Ambush Metro

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