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Welcome to the Real Steel Wiki, Boxer!
The wiki about Real Steel, a movie about robot boxing by
Shawn Levy. We are currently editing over 480 articles.

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This is a collaborative encyclopedia surrounding the movie franchise of Real Steel. You can dive right in and help this wiki be the best it can be! We are looking for the highest standard editing for this wiki. We're always looking for new members, so join today! We are currently managing 480 articles. In our Pages, you will find information about the characters, locations and much more! Before you start to edit read Our Policies and Guideline.


Goodbye fellow users! - 3/28/2015 5:17pm

In the past few days, 3 users have decided to leave. One of those users was an admin. These 3 users were: Overkill4TheWin, Tribound and DaRKSagE 4. The three users were great contributors and it is heartbreaking to see them go. Goodbye to those who left.

New admin! - 3/25/2015 10:37am

A new admin has went into our wiki, Skysteam! He has received votes from the community to become admin and his wish has become true. Welcome Skysteam to the admin role!


If you need help, please use the Adminstrators page and please report any vandalisms in the comments. Thank you.

This is the list of staff, there is also another on the Adminstrators page.

Sysop is an adminstrator, poweruser is a very active user, bureaucrat is a user that can promote, chatmoderator moderates the live chat.

- Ambus N.O1 fan | Poweruser, Bureaucrat, Sysop

- DaRKSagE 4 | Poweruser, Bureaucrat, Sysop

- Diamondmatter | Bureaucrat, Sysop

- Ericard | Sysop

- Noisy bystander | Poweruser, Sysop

- Ray422 | Sysop

- ScauldyTheScauldron | Poweruser, Bureaucrat, Sysop

- Sweenysaint | Sysop, Chatmoderator

- FreddyKrueger87 | Poweruser, Chatmoderator

- Skysteam | Sysop, Chatmoderator, Bureaucat

- Sean4333 | Chatmoderator

- Tribound | Poweruser, Sysop

Custom Bots!

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