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  • A total of 34 mean machines, including fan favorite superstars such as Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Now eight new contenders have entered the ring: Brawl as Touchdown, Hollowjack, Blockbuster, Bio War and more!
  • New Four (4) Robots added for the Christmas season.
  • New Exclusive bot added. Only available in the Mystery Draw.
  • Championship, Time Attack, and Free Sparring three new diverse modes that will test your mettle and your metal.
  • Championship is back. Make all your robots champions!
  • Bigger, better and now social! Take on friends in live local WiFi multiplayer and fight your way up the leaderboards!
  • Play Daily while connecting to the internet to receive a reward in the Daily Awards.
  • Paint Shop is now improved and available.
  • Stack your bot collection with the new mystery card game and test your luck.
  • New Appearance for the last two robots after upgrading in every Tier.
  • Online Multiplayer is now available. Challenge a person online.


  • 4 New Deadly-Delightful Robots!

New Robots for Christmas: Tackle, Gambit, Crimson Carnage and Nitro.

4 New Deadly-Delightful Robots
  • All New Knockout Christmas Theme!

A new knockout theme for Christmas.

All New Knockout Christmas Theme
  • Bountiful Christmas Reward Calendar!

Christmas Reward has been added. Receive double until the last day of December.

Bountiful Christmas Reward Calendar

Previous Updates:

  • 4 New Robots are Rampaging your way this Halloween!

New Robots added for Halloween season: Sarge, Shogun, Fiend and Danger Zone.

4 New Robots are Rampaging your way this Halloween
  • Rip off your opponents in the New Crypt Arena!

New Horror-Themed Arena added for Halloween. Destroy your opponent and bury it there.

File:Rip off your openents in the New Crypt Arena.png


Coming Soon:

  • BYOR..... Its Happening!

This is a new feature for the new update of Real Steel WRB. BYOR means Build Your Own Robot.                                                New robot psytron only in mystery draw

Featured Robots & Special Moves

Underworld I (UW I)

  • Ambush(Special Move:Chest-Slam)
  • Fat Boy(Special Move:Gut Buster)
  • Bio War(Special Move:Nuke Knockdown)
  • Bluebot  (playable after Facebook Robot Pass or after earning in Daily Award)(Special Move:Blue in Da Face)
  • Danger Zone(Special Move:Dive-Bomb)
  • Atom - Ability: Show Stopper(Special Move:Uppercut)
  • Gambit(Special Move:Ace In The Face)
  • Midas (champion) - Ability: Reconstruction(Special Move:Tomahawk Blow)

Underworld II (UW II)

  • Six Shooter(Special Move:Gun Barrel Punch)
  • Blockbuster(Special Move:Shock And Awe)
  • Blacktop(Special Move:Rev-Hook)
  • Aquabot  (playable after Facebook Robot Pass or after earning in Daily Award)(Special Move:Depth Charge)
  • The Sarge(Special Move:Sherman Strike)
  • Hollowjack - Ability: Show Stopper(Special Move:Laughter Riot)
  • Tackle(Special Move:Touchdown)
  • No Joke(Special Move:Prankster)
  • Metro (champion) - Ability: Reconstruction(Special Move:Mallet Smackdown)

World Robot Boxing I (WRB l)

  • Noisy Boy(Special Move:Wakizaki Hook)
  • Camelot(Special Move:Excaliber Strike)
  • Gridlock(Special Move:Mechismo Taunt)
  • Axelrod (playable after Facebook Robot Pass or after earning in Daily Award)(Special Move:Mime Punch)
  • Shogun(Special Move:Nukitsuke)
  • Cosmobot - Ability: Reconstruction(Special Move:Retro Blaster)
  • Nitro(Special Move:Burnout Punch)
  • Dreadlord (new)(Special Move:The Fright Knight)
  • Twin Cities (champion) - Ability: Show Stopper(Special Move:Hypnotic Flurry)   

World Robot Boxing II (WRB II)

  • Albino(Special Move:Glass Jaw Feint)
  • Excavator(Special Move:Hydro-Slam)
  • Abandon(Special Move:The Ice Breaker)
  • Blac Jac (playable after Facebook Robot Pass or after earning in Daily Award)(Special Move:Poker Face)
  • Fiend(Special Move:Jacked Up)
  • Touchdown - Ability: Reconstruction(Special Move:Slam Tackle)
  • Crimson Carnage(Special Move:Gut Wrencher)
  • Asura (new)(Special Move:Asuraa)
  • Zeus (champion) - Ability: Show Stopper(Special Move:Brainstorm)

World Robot Boxing Gold (WRB G)

  • Midas Gold(Special Move:(Same as Midas)
  • Metro Gold(Special Move:(Same as Metro)
  • Atom Gold(Special Move:(Same as Atom)
  • Zeus Gold(Special Move:(Same as Zeus)
  • Tri-Gore(Special Move:Primoridal Slam)

Mystery Draw Exclusive

Events Only

  • Scorpion - Ability: Corrosive Fists(Special Move:Hammer Tail)
  • Fraust - Ability: Steel Bulwark(Special Move:Frozen Zero)
  • Juggernaut - Ability: Swift Strikes(Special Move:K.O Protocol)
  • Aztec - Ability: Swift Strikes(Special Move:Obisidan Strike)
  • Drago - Ability: Steel Bulwark(Special Move:Dragon Rage)
  • Dark Fiend - Ability: Show Stopper(Special Move:Dark Jacked Up)
  • Olympus - Ability:Steel Bulwark(Special Move:Wrestler Slam)
  • Anubis - Ability: Reconstruction(Special Move:Underworld Strike)


  • Thjorn - Ability: Steel Bulwark(Special Move:Jorn Attack or Stone Smackdown)
  • Ronin - Ability: Swift Strikes(Special Move:Shogun Strike)


  • Paint Shop is now improved, better than before.
  • Blubot, Aquabot, Axelrod and Blac Jac are now available in Daily Award.
  • Danger Zone, Sarge, Shogun and Fiend are added for Halloween.
  • Gambit, Tackle, Nitro and Crimson Carnage are added for Christmas.
  • Although the nicknames of the new 'bots aren't written, in their intro you can probably hear their nickname being called.
  • Cardinal Chaos, Zeus, and Midas are all names from mythology.
  • Atom and Zeus are the only Fighting bots in this game that cannot have their limbs and head torn off after successfully performing a rip-off.
  • Due to the new robots and stuffs, Online Multiplayer is disabled for now.
  • Shogun and Fiend have glitchy championship poses (posing for the Trophy and the WRB belt) Shogun can be seen without a neck.                       
  • Blac Jac doesn't rip off the opponent's head after a successful ripoff, but he does rip off the opponent's left arm.                       
  • B.Y.O.R. stands for "Build your own Robot"
  • If you hold the down button on the moving buttons, and pressing the heavy hit button while your opponent is doing a dash move, you can actually knock them down and perform a taunt.                       

Video for new updates

Real Steel WRB Big Summer Update00:32

Real Steel WRB Big Summer Update

Official Trailer

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Official Trailer-101:24

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Official Trailer-1

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