Buy anything you like to buy On the List Below

  1. bluebot Head
  2. Axelrod Head
  3. BYOH - Build your own head
  4. BYOT - Build your own torso
  5. BYOA - Build your own arms
  6. BYOL - Build your own legs
  7. All Items from Real steel champion
  8. Axelrod to armadillo heads are $2,000 torsos are $5,000 arms are $3,000 legs are $1,000
  9. Deepsix To Camelot Heads Are $5,000 Torso Are $10,000 Arms Are $8,000 Legs Are $3,000
  10. HollowJack To Atom Heads are $9,000 Torso Are $20,000 Arms are $10,000 legs are $8,000
  11. Ambush To Frost Heads are $100,000 Torsos Are $200,000 Arms Are $99,999 Legs Are $80,000

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