Slaughter-Bot MK.2
Slaughter-bot MK.2
Vital statistics
Title The Bot that Won't Drop
Generation 1
Bot Type Sparring Bot
Status Mass Produced
NAME: Slaughter-Bot MK.2


BOT TYPE: Sparring Bot level 1

HANDLER: Multiple


The Slaughter-Bot MK.2 was the successor to the MK.1. These little guys were mass produced to be a sparring bot for the common man. They were cheap, efficient, and easy to operate. They were reasonanably durable, but would never survive in the ring. While the Proton-Class sparring bots were more well known, they were never as plentiful. The Slaughter-bot's quickly fell out of style however, due to their human-like appearance and uselessness. Some bots however, did recycle parts from old slaughter-bots.  Crash Palace owned multiple units for rent and pre-match practice.  Although they died off quickly, they still had a great impact on the boxing world.


The Slaughterbot MK. 2 featured many unusual features. The first, was it's strange controller design. Called the "Exo-Skeletal Controlling Mechanism", this controller was mounted around the operator's arms, giving them complete control over the bot's limbs. This was, in fact, a low-cost equivalent to the famous "Shadow System" of the Proton-class sparring bot. The bot's legs were imovable. Due to it being a sparring bot, it was decide that movable legs were useless.


Like most of the stuff I make, this page uses picture from the now defunct "Robot Combat League" show.


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