Smash real steel by arte animada-d4epmcw

Name: Smash

Title: The Holder of the Trophy of Valor

Generation: G3

Bot Type: Game Breaker

Opening LIne: All the way from Hong Kong and ready to destroy, the mech pounder Smash!!!!!!!!!!!!

Handler: Jack Li (Midas-lover)

Special Features: Titanium and crystal core, Copper(diamond coated) fists,new :cooling sytem,speeding booster and titanium head and chest

Special move: Bot masher ( A left jab , a right cross to the head , a counter left and three punch to the body and a double uppercut that knocks enemy to the ground then smash them to the death, Jack Li calls the mashed up bot "Mech potato mash" )


Durability 97/100


Power: 194/200

Height: 2.4m

Weight: 970 pounds

Special: 99/150

Speed: 152/200 ,with booster:196/230

Stamina: 189/200