Swatzeer "The Menace of Darkness"



The day when World War 2 started, all soldiers from America brawled. When a robot known as Swatzeer was seen by the vision of the soldiers, they rushed to get the robot. But they failed. Still, a man named Zargo Jole catched Swatzeer. Yet he died 43 years later. The robot wasn't sold until the year 2019. A man named Alex Strum bought the robot. Alex made the robot to have motors, fight codes, etc.


Swatzeer was once a soldier robot. Alex modified him to be a brawler. Swatzeer can also do mind-crushing MMA grapples, just like Denster.

Swatzeer stands tall at 8'7 and he weighs 1322 lbs. He holds his main special move, Pendulum, which Swatzeer makes a straight arm, and swings at the robot like a clock's pendulum.

Machine Gun Drill

Being the Rip-Off of Swatzeer, he corners his opponent. Then he lands swift punches (that's how it was named), then holds the opponent with his left arm. With his right arm, he smashes the body, until Swatzeer lands a right uppercut that knocks the opponent's head clean off.

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