TPB creates promos for very rare robots around the world. Tagged: HURRY


Hamansee is a Mexican Hustler Robot. Hamansee has been pieced together by the robots who challenged Rapye. They used recyclable robot parts to build the robot. Catch this robot before another robot defeats Hamansee.

Are you ready for the Hustler Showdown? If you win, you receive Hamansee.

WARNING! Hustler robots are built to be fast and furious. They are very fast and has excellent protective armor, however, they can be weak. Some of them has ranged weapons (like perfect quality dia-titanium and gold darts that can damage robots), while some of them has very long range.

Yarox (Level 50)

Armor: 213/250

Power: 196/250

Speed: 234/250

Weapon: A revolver that shoots silver darts

Maracco (Level 50)

Armor: 241/250

Power: 201/250

Speed: 218/250

Weapon: A pistol that shoots gold tacks

Karowe (Level 48)

Armor: MAX

Power: 213/250

Speed: 223/250

Weapon: A silver baton

Tarudas (Level 47)

Armor: 243/250

Power: 220/250

Speed: 246/250

Weapon: 7 Shot Promise Diamond Pushpin Shotgun

Raraces (Level 30)

Armor: MAX

Power: 230/250

Speed: 248/250

Weapon: 4 Shot Strongbone Gold Dart pistol

Stan (Level 30)

Armor: MAX

Power: 245/250

Speed: MAX

Ability: Dual Diamond Batons

Hamansee (Level 25)

Armor: MAX

Power: MAX

Speed: MAX

Ability: Dual 30 Shot Ranger Diamond Tack shooter


Winfast is an American robot and the third of 5 current Elemental Robots. To get the prize, do some tasks first.

  1. Download a new special move, and use that move to decapitate Cosmobot
  2. Use a copychip and mimic The Ice Breaker on Abandon to win the battle
  3. Let's see how powerful are your uppercuts! Defeat Atom with an uppercut.
  4. Can you survive? Win a fight versus Tri-Gore using a special move you borrowed: Blue in Da Face
  5. Quick Finish, can you do it? Defeat Aquabot using only a single kick throughout the fight.
  6. Tag Team with Sixshooter and defeat Asura, the four armed beast, without getting hurt.
  7. Shogun needs your help! Defeat Zeus Gold in under one minute.
  8. Energy Saver! Defeat Albino without using 15% energy.
  9. Now, can you defeat Camelot while countering his moves?
  10. Camelot wants a rematch! Make Camelot lose by dodging his Excabilur Strike, making him fall to the ground brutally.
  11. Can you counter it? Counter Crusher (WRB)'s ripoff by using your ripoff.
  12. Now, while controlling Bluebot, defeat Excavator.
  13. Are you even brave? Defeat Atom Gold without even using a special move.
  14. Now that you learned a lot of abilities, can you defeat Winfast in under 1 minute and 30 seconds, using a borrowed special move: Gun Barrel Punch, using only less than 20% energy throughout the fight, and WITHOUT EVEN GETTING HURT?

Completing all the tasks will NOT give him to you, but rather, $1 billion, and 1,000 diamonds for Worobo Town!

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