Vital statistics
Title The Monster Quarterback/The Football Giant
Generation 3
Bot Type Demon Wall
Status Online / Safe

Name: Touchdown

Title/Nickname: "The Monster Quarterback/The Football Giant"

Generation: 3

Bot Type: Demon Wall

Status: Online / Safe


Real Steel: World Robot Boxing Stage 1/3/7 stats:

Origin: USA

Weight:1100 lbs


Special Feature: Uranium Core

Signature Move: Slam Tackle

Super Slam Tackle(Atom)

Ultra Slam Tackle(Cosmobot)

Armor: 90/100

Power: 70/100

Speed: 60/100

Special: 90/100

Touchdown has weaker punches than most WRB bots, but makes up for it in extreme Health and Special. Zeus only has 800 more health than Touchdown.

Real Steel iOS

The Football Giant has been recently added to the game, allowing players to dish it out or team up with the original Triple Threat, Tackle.

Armour: 9 Power: 7 Speed: 6


Touchdown is a robot from the game Real Steel WRB. He is from the tier WRB II and the fourth strongest 'bot (formerly second until Fiend & Crimson Carnage came along) of the game next to Fiend. His unique ability Reconstruction allows him to regenerate health and his incredible strength which will be tough to fight with. You will need skills and a good bot to take him down.


Touchdown bears the resemblance of an American Football(Gridiron) player. His chest has a glowing core similar to Iron Man's Arc Reactor. If you look at Touchdown's face behind the mask it looks as if he is a real human. He is heavily armored and if you look at him his Armor stat should be 65 since there is so much armor, even MORE than Zeus has. His Shoulder Pads are constantly making his head invisible during battle since they are very large. His fists somewhat look like blocks.

  • Stage 3
  • Stage 7

Stage 3: When Halfway Upgraded (This may only apply before the update came out) the size of Touchdown's Shoulder Pads are doubled in size along with increased amounts of Leg armor.

Stage 7: When Fully Upgraded TouchDown's Entire body will be covered in a bright ruby red color with a sleek looking visor.

Real Steel WRB

Touchdown is a WRB II fighter right after Blac Jac and is the fourth strongest robot in Real Steel WRB. You have to take him down before taking on the Champion Zeus. We can also see him being very energetic.

before the fight starts. You can buy Touchdown for 220 Real Gold or win him by the use of luck in the Mystery Draw.

Announcer Quote

"The monster quarterback with a blitz attack, he'll punch you into the endzone, go wild for TouchDown!"


5 Touchdown Card
  • Touchdown resembles an American Football(Gridiron) player.
  • Touchdown is the deadliest bot in Real Steel WRB following Fiend.
  • He has a human-like face behind his mask.
  • His shoulder pads are bigger than his head which makes his head invulnerable during a fight. 
  • Applying the Black/Yellow Pinstripe decal makes touchdown resemble the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Touchdown and Twin Cities are the ONLY U.S. bots in the whole WRB game to be fought in WRB. He is also the most patriotic.
  • Touchdown's name is deprived from the main point scoring method in American Football(Gridiron).
  • Touchdown has an Electromagnetic/Uranium Core that powers him up in his chest just like Iron Man's Arc Reactor.
  • Touchdown's signature move is Slam Tackle, while Tackle's is called Touchdown.
  • Interestingly, Tackle is taller than Touchdown in WRB, but in iOS they are exactly the same height.
  • Touchdown's Regeneration is possibly operated by his Uranium core.

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