Tri-Gore is the final boss in the WRB-G stage in Real Steel WRB . Name: Tri-Gore

Title/Nickname: 'The Brutal Terminator'

Generation: Unknown (Probably 3)

Bot Type: Unknown

Status: Online


Tri-Gore is a robot that is designed to look like the dinosaur Triceratops. Although the signature move on his card is labelled as 'Stone Age Smackdown',when the signature move is used it says 'Primordial Slam'. Tri-Gore is also the only robot in the tier WRB-G that isn't made of gold.


Origin: USA

Height: 8'4"

Weight: 1165 LBS

Special Feature: Beast Matrix

Signature Move:

  • Stone Age Smackdown, Primordial Slam
  • Super Primodial Slam
  • Ultra Primodial Slam
Tri Gore

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