NAME: Tripitaka


BOT TYPE: Fragile Speedster

Tripitaka is bright as snow

Tripitaka is bright as snow



Tripitaka is a quick and tough little bot with big round fists that slow down his punch speed. He has low power charge and durability, but he's fast enough to pack a punch.

Real Steel Game

Tripitaka is ranked #1 in DLC Stage 2.


He is a primarily white robot, with a strangely shaped head. It almost resembles a crown. He glows purple, and a few cords on him and his face are yellow with beehive detailing.


Overall Stats

Strength: 78/100

Speed: 84/100

Intelligence: 83/100

Special Moves: 53/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 6236
Core HP 3288
Power Charge 2218
Total Attack 4286
Total Defense 3097
Resilience 10
Damage Recovery 8
Power Recovery 10
Average Punch Speed 7
Movement Speed 7
Mobility 9


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