AdDcoN DatAAbase InTRUdED...

InITIating MAainFRAme HHaaaaCK...

A girl, No older than 23, watched a video of Janise's bot Ragnarok pummeling Atom through the floor. The girl paused the tape, and rewounded it to a scene where Janise firmly gripped the controller of Ragnarok, about to slam overdrive. She stood up and studied it, in which the camera switches back and forth between Janise and the mysterious girl.

"Finally... After all these years... I've found you" The figure said.

"Master Byte, save record, terminate it from memory module and transfer it into the Mainframe core." "Understood. Terminating Record...."

The camera starts switching from static to normal view, then from static to normal view to colour view (That's the name for when the same image is in a different place from the original one, and in a color like green, blue, red.). It was obvious the termination protocols had begun, as the camera glitched. Light began to creep toward the figures face. The camera cuts short before the full face could be revealed. 

The camera opens to reveal a picture. One half appears to have a hand, clenched, which is Janise's symbol, while the other appears to be a Robotic fist, also clenched. The picture appears scratched, but they slowly begin to erode, filling the picture. The single line segregating the 2 pictures disintegrates. It creates a perfect image of an arm, half robotic, half organic. The figure's shape begins to approach the symbol. 

"I have found you...." The voice said again. A long pause before the final word: "My sister"

Real steel: Duality

(This is a new collab with Me, Raymond, and Darksage. This will introduce Janise's Sister. I'll try to drop as many trailers possible)

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