Besides some of Sixshooter Gold and all of Phantom Albino, I have every single robot on Real Steel iOS.

Yeah. I plan on getting the rest on Sixshooter Gold soon. Missing the torso and head I believe.

This is a possibility but if you want me to make robots on iOS, hit me up. Do note I won't do a colossal stack of them.

Also, I'm wondering. How do you upload photos from phone to PC? SD card?

(EDIT: While I'm here, I'll ask another question. Is there a way to rack up a ton of money in Champions? Really wanna get more legendaries and I'm unable to finish Tag Team.)

(EDIT #2: I found out how to screenshot. I plan on soon releasing images of the FF fighters. Some of them look bad and some will be missing details because BYOR is limited but it will give you a rough sketch of what their design and structure look like. All characters from Teaser 2 and Teaser 3 are complete along with Little Angel.)

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