I'm giving full permission for people to fight my robots from my unfinished Ferocious Ferrous series. I sadly never had the time to finish the series but I'll probably finish it one day. The only robots you can not fight however are Amalgamera and possibly Little Angel and Terratooth. If you do fight a robot and for example, destroy them, they will not be destroyed in the story since it wasn't canon to Ferocious Ferrous.

Robots up for fighting. I can also list their owners too as I have a text file full of all of their info.

Yes, you can fight these: Xterminator, Konstricted, Arachknock, Skull-Graft, Leechbreach, Facesucker, Sharkbait, Buzzback, Bouncepounce, Trash-Heap, Armageddon, High-Boltage, Syncdroid, Dr. Vince, Muskeeter, Femmefate, Eruptarc, Brickhouse, Hypelioz, The-Unknown, Gameface, Executable, Cruicifixx, Insanebrain, Rot-Eye, Retinax, Hatchethead, Rotorgut, Saberstryke, Tripleripple, Skyscraper, Queen Bustbertha, Sierratta, Radnix, Mineyhem, COFFIN, Turntable, Phireface, Snowbulk, Ascenter, Achlys, Biohazard, Sonicdoom, Little Angel (Beta), Big Angel, Sleepy-Head, Galikon, Kandilo, Dollhouse, and Betsy.

Maybe: Scarhead, Terratooth (non Ferocious Ferrous bot), Little Angel (Alpha), and Amalgamera.

I also have a tidalwave of other robots. This includes two robots I planned to release recently but due to other things, they haven't been released yet. These are Giga Angel, a bootleg version of Little Angel gone wild, and Headbanger, an apocalyptic robot with an arsenal of chaos up his 4 sleeves.

Soon, I will also release a blog post reveaing all of the robots I planned for Ferocious Ferrous 2. Yes, I was going to make a sequel to it. I won't FULLY release all info for the robots in case I want to complete both Ferocious Ferrous 1 and 2.

Info will be listed if you want to fight one of this robots on how strong they are, what's their moves, and etc.

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