I have finally downloaded WRB to play it (omg everything so shiny) and I really enjoy it. However, I was just wondering if there was a way to get a Friend Pass so I can get Bluebot, Aquabot, Axelrod, and Blac Jac.

I do not have a Facebook and even if I did have one, good luck on finding a friend who's willing to download some app for me. I've tried to break the system by making two Facebook accounts but that flopped because I didn't know how to send a Friend Pass to my main account.

Once someone has downloaded the app, how do you send a Friend Pass? Or is there an easier way to get them? Really want Blac Jac since he's my Real Steel bae. The only time I've gotten one of the bots is believe I got only either Bluebot or Aquabot after 15 daily logins or something like that.