NAME: Vespula

Vespula Close Up


BOT TYPE: Brawler



Vespula is a big ugly brute who doesn't play nice, and his design is taken from Zeus. Vespula even has the Tyrant Blow and other similar moves.

Real Steel Game

Vespula is ranked #2 on the DLC Stage 1, right behind Ambush.


Vespula seems to be a rip off of everyone, since he has Noisy Boy's face and Ramchip's helmet without the horns, not to mention Twin Cities' hands. Other than that he's pretty much original. His paint job seems to be based on the stripes on bees( But he does not have a sting).


Overall Stats

Strength: 89/100

Speed: 66/100

Intelligence: 69/100

Special Moves: 80/100

Divided Stats

Stat Name Stat Value
TBR 5256
Core HP 4314
Power Charge 1539
Total Attack 4512
Total Defense 3876
Resilience 9
Damage Recovery 3
Power Recovery 5
Average Punch Speed 8
Movement Speed 5
Mobility 8


  • He may be a mascot of some sort of bee-related company. Maybe beekeepers?
  • His name seems to be a combination of the words 'vespa' and 'tarantula'.

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