Who is Kakashi?

(Oh, and I know that Kakashi looks like Kakashi from Naruto, OK?)

Age: 27

He is a professional robot builder and boxer. Started his career off with Rook, then went on to create other champions (including upcoming sparring bot TarGet). He had Japanese parents but moved to Taiwan and became a citizen there. Before getting interested in robot boxing, Kakashi was into game developing. Though not following his dream as a game developer anymore, Kakashi still makes simple, coded games when he's taking a break.


Vinzer Daisuke Kakashi was born in 2002, on June 11th, in Tokyo (where else?). He was raised in a moderate family, where he and Edwin (his brother) were introduced to Robot Combat League, a TV show which inspired their careers as robot designers. His father taught him the basic works of a robot and several programming gizmos, while Kakashi's mother taught him to be super calm.

work in progress

Kakashi & Rook

Being the first bot Kakashi (technically) made. Kakashi had a lot of heart for the Tower of Power. He and Rook were often underestimated, treated like minors. But, Kakashi stayed strong, and so did Rook. They climbed up the ranks, from chump to champ, and beat Zeus.


He used to be a bit aggressive, but now he's a happy joker. He often jokes about the mishaps in his life, from forgetting that his garage door was open, to even the time when he was broke! He's a great buddy to be around with when you are depressed. Just don't break anything. He'll get mad for sure.

Relationships with People

Kakashi is good friends with Charlie and Max Kenton. He's also friends with Raymond Santiago, John Maxwell, Janise, and many others. But his best bud is Finn. <3

Raymond Santiago

A nice bud who's always ready to lend a hand, in Kakashi's eyes. Kakashi does want another shot at him, though (see TarGet's fighting record).

Mark Hedhon

The first guy that Kakashi saw when entering the Global Mech headquarters. Kakashi thinks of him as a great guy to be around.

John Maxwell

Kakashi was inspired by this influential man. The second person Kakashi met, John's control of Ambush 2.0 is flattering and fascinating.

Lance Reynolds

Kakashi hasn't met him yet, but soon will.

Janise Keri

Kakashi has to thank her for finding Rook's whereabouts. The two are friends.

(This part is a stub. I'll work on it later.)

Kakashi has no romantic relationship with anybody (yet).


  • He once had a brother (Edwin Kakashi), but he died due to cancer. :c
  • He also once had a girlfriend, but she broke up.
  • His favorite vehicle is a Nissan 350z rally edition. His reason is this: They look rad and handle rad.
  • One time, at a WRB expo in Morocco, Kakashi went to a rally event. He was asked to test out the Koni Nissan 350z, and with great appreciation Kakashi drove the car of his dreams. After that, he got a ticket to a lottery, and won the exact same car he had tested!
  • These days, Kakashi is pretty much abnormally calm. Make jokes about his brother's death, and he'll joke along with you, too (I suggest you not, though. Kakashi still has a trauma about it).

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