Void in Profile(With Blue Light)

-Name: Void

-Origin: germany

-Signature move: Butterfly-Spin

-Title: The Night-Wolf

-Robot type: Demon Wall

-Generation: 1

-Armor: 70/100

-Power: 80/100

-Speed: 100/100

-Intelligence: 120/100

-Special: 95/100

-Overall: 465/500

-Handler: -Unknown-

-Height: 7'2" feet.

-Weight: 240LBS


Danger Zone: Win

Gridlock: Win

Twin Cities Gold: Win

Zeus: Lose, but survived

Cardinal Chaos: Win

Void is ready to fight

Come on, i just want to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!

Dreadlord: Lose

Dreadlord (Rematch): Win

Zeus (Rematch): Win, but lost half of right arm

After Repairing:

Axelrod: Win

Fat Boy: Win

Atom: Win

Aztec: Win

Scorpion: Win

Scarlette: Win

Major steel: Win

Atom (Rematch): Lose

Asura: Lose

Asura (Rematch): Win

Asura (Second Rematch): Win

Cosmobot: Win

Voids Death

Volcano circled around the ring like a vulture, spying on its prey. Void was doing the same. Finally, Volcano came in with an uppercut. Void was stunned by the attack, but very little. Void came in with a combo of a hook-jab-hook, and it did damage to Volcano. Then, out of no where, Void ripped off Volxano's right arm. People betting on Volcano were angry. Raymond was too. In retaliation, Raymond did a Flare Blitz to Void. It cut off Void's voice command system.void didn't work anymore. voids owner activated the shadow mode, but volcano jumped in front of void, so void cant see his owner, and just stand in the ring. Then volcano makes a Left-Right-Left-Left punch combo. then volcano makes a heavy uppercut and just in the same second a very heavy punch at voids face. voids head got ripped off. Voids owner ran into the crowd to save voids head. then voids owner said to volcanos owner: "Congratulation, you win! But in a few Months, if i have a better bot, i wan't a Rematch.

Then Voids owner build Snowwolf.

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