Note: Functional Cannon is Non-Functional
Vital statistics
Title x8
Generation 16
Bot Type Game Breaker 6
Status Online

Name: x8

Title: The Robotic Beast

Generation: 16

Bot Type: Game Breaker 6

Status: Online

Origin: Phillipines

Announcer's Quote:"The meaning of destruction, the robotic beast. Be ready for devastation from x8!

Handler/Trainer: Mark Hedhon

Robot Frame: Beastiality78Path

Robot Power Core: UltraTorque 76 Noisort v2

Robot Motherboard: GammaRevo52 900TB v7


Armour : 100/100 (500/500 Revolution Mode)

Power : 100/100 (500/500 Revolution Mode)

Speed : 100/100 (500/500 Revolution Mode)

Intelligence: 100/100 (500/500 Revolution Mode)

Special: 68/100 (500/500 Revolution Mode)

Signature Moves : XT9 Combo Break, Bot of Devastation, Beastiality in Reality.

Specialties: Extremely Powerful Armour.

Revolution Mode - Allows this bot to increase stats 5 times than normal mode.

Special Gear: Muitnamda Alloy, Munarbiv Head, Noisort activated core

Background Story

The x7 was mass-produced. The most powerful bot when it was produced. Until one day. People started to attack the company who made them. The last of the company had to find the control room. They found the control panel and shut down all the x7's. When the people found them in the room they self destructed every robot except one. The one owner was Fawk Hedhon. Fawk Hedhon then gave x7 some great armour on his non functional cannon and head. When Fawk died. Mark Hedhon found x7 in the basement and upgraded him. Then renamed him x8.

  • x8 VS Bio War

Bio War walked up to x8. Bio War punched x8 hard. x8 dodged the next punch and snapped Bio War's head clean off.


  • x8 used to be x7
  • x8 is named after XT4 (a lego Hero Factory set)

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